AirAttack HD Lite


Enjoy this air battle classic with updated graphics



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AirAttack HD Lite is a traditional vertical shoot'em up where you control a combat plane and fight enemy forces. Who are the enemy forces? Same as usual, of course: the Nazis.

You can choose from several different control systems for your plane: a virtual stick, the usual gesture controls, the accelerometer, and even a keyboard or gamepad if you have one to connect to your Android.

The content in AirAttack HD Lite is pretty good. You have to face more than 20 different enemies in three different settings. At the end of each one, you also have to defeat a giant boss.

AirAttack HD Lite is a traditional SHMUP in its essence, but updated for modern technology. The game is not only really gorgeous, but is also very realistic in its physics and features an amazing soundtrack. Ideal for fans of this genre.

Requires Android 2.0.1 or higher

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